Grantor/Educator Frequently Asked Questions

Fiber for Wellness (FFW) offers a cost effective, easily understood educational program for middle school and high school age students. Once the barriers and obstacles to an honest discussion about dietary fiber are quickly removed, our program perpetuates itself through participant interest. FFW is still growing and aspires one day to be assessed by and listed with Charity Navigator, the premier independent charity evaluator. Until then, as a potential donor to or supporter of FFW, the following are the types of questions Charity Navigator suggests you should ask yourself to measure our program's accountability and success. We believe we excel in addressing these important questions:

Q: Can the charity define its short-term and long-term goals for you?

A: Our short-term goal is to have the educational program implemented immediately (i.e., the same day after exposure) so that results would be realized the following day. Our long-term goal is to encourage lifetime use of the program, similar to the concept of the mandatory Driver's Education curriculum taught in high school.

Q: Can the charity tell you the progress it has made, or is making toward its goal?

A: We measure success by comparing the entrance test with exit test results once the program's coursework is completed. Also, we can't help but notice the enthusiasm our FFW program creates for educators, students and parents once they achieve enlightenment about the true health benefits of fiber.

Q: Does the charity’s program make sense to you?

A: Once you read the An Apple a Day…Mom Was Only Half Right textbook or explore the supporting website and understand the important difference between soluble and insoluble dietary fiber, we at FFW truly believe you will reach a positive conclusion to this question.

Q: Can you trust this charity?

A: Please feel free to contact our President, Emmanuel Enderlein, directly at (856) 354-0869 to discuss any and all questions you may have about FFW and its educational program. Mr Enderlein can also provide the phone number for any FFW Director and/or volunteer upon request.

Q: Is Fiber for Wellness Inc. a 501( c )( 3 ) public charity?
A: Yes, FFW holds 501(c)(3) non-profit status, the general classification for all non-profit organizations designated by the Internal Revenue Service.

Q: How is Fiber for Wellness positioned to sustain its program over time?
A: This program will continue to thrive through its own merit. All who are involved realize the importance of the presented materials and coursework as a significant solution to non-infectious health problems in their local communities. Teachers are quickly and effectively trained regarding the subject matter. Classroom information, lesson plans and textbooks are maintained as school property. Additionally, FFW supplements its professional staff with retired teachers to support and assist the actual classroom instructors.

Q: Can Fiber for Wellness communicate who they are and what they do?

A: We teach individuals how to successfully maintain and benefit from their the colon, the organ that controls our second most important bodily function - breathing comes first! With a healthy, fully functioning colon, it is possible to reduce 95% of all non-infectious diseases. For a closer look at Mr. Enderlein's life-altering belief in achieving proper colon and general health by consuming dietary fiber, please visit the website today!


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