The Program
The Fiber for Wellness program is geared toward middle and high school students with the option of offering the program to elementary school students, depending on the circumstances.Simple, proven and easy to understand, this program answers all those long-standing questions regarding what happens to food once swallowed and addresses most other basic health questions. The program material is structured for recall during the studentís life; we believe the Fiber for Wellness coursework is parallel to high school Driver's Education as a lifelong learning tool.

In a letter of support to the Robert Wood Foundation, Mary Ellen Eck, Superintendent of Schools in Riverton, New Jersey, writes the following: ďOur health teachers read the text and shared the content with 7th graders during a nutrition unit. The interest in following up came from the adults who have experienced the negative effects of low fiber. The motivator for the students was all the talk about poop. The text is written in easy to follow language, and offers explanations and advice that can be implemented immediately.Ē

The school program can be described as follows:
  1. Setup - Itís effective, economical and has significant residual impact on the students' relatives and the community. It utilizes existing school teachers and dispenses information during normally scheduled class activities for students.
  2. Teachers - Training is considered minimal and consists of a home assignment that requires two hours of reading, plus a two hour class facilitated by the Fiber for Wellness program leaders.
  3. Students - They are given an entrance test to measure their fiber knowledge before class instruction begins. FFW program instruction begins (five minutes per class ) by introducing material slowly to reduce topic anxiety for a one month period. The main coursework is taught during three sessions (one hour each) that also require text reading assignments at home prior to in-class instruction.
  4. Parental Involvement - The students, now armed with insightful information, will be urged to relay class information to their parents. Teachers should then contact the parents by memo or e-mail, requesting them to read the instructional textbook.
  5. Evaluation - An exit test is given at the end to compare with the entrance test results and to measure improved knowledge and comprehension of the topic.

For a preview of the Fiber for Wellness program's textbook, An Apple a Day...Mom Was Only Half Right, click here to visit the companion web site.

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