The Story

Whether or not we realize it, our health conditions, both future and present, started early in our lives as constipation. Why? Because our parents never explained the importance of fiber in our diets, and the medical profession never mentioned fiber until 1981.

As we got older and asked questions about constipation, we received the usual parental reply:

"Chew your food, donít wash your food down with water, eat vegetables and drink water. If that doesnít work, there is a laxative on the top shelf in the bathroom medicine cabinet."

Think about it - the second most important human bodily function besides breathing, and all you got was a mere sentence of standard advice.

As we get older, we now worry about our children's and our parents' health in addition to our own health issues. Whatís going to happen? Will our kids become obese? Perhaps they will develop type II diabetes or just not have the energy required to lead a normal existence.

Whatís in store for you, your spouse and your aging parents? Will it be blood in the stool or a lump in the breast one morning, creating possible anguish about cancer? Maybe you'll endure one of the typical non-infectious diseases so commonplace now in today's society: Crohn's disease, chronic diarrhea, anemia, coronary artery disease, gallstones, dental problems, rheumatoid arthritis, gout, Paget's disease, multiple sclerosis, appendicitis or hemorrhoids.

This is a partial list of ailments, compounded by all the chemical additives now found in our food supply. Next comes the suffering, the medical appointments, the diagnosis, the treatments, the medication(s), the time and expense as well as the hoped for recovery.

Then this vicious cycle starts all over again, because the true importance of fiber in your diet is never explained! 

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